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/// Web Design - Responsive / Adaptive Websites

Web Design - Responsive / Adaptive Websites

/// websites that adapt to PC's, iPads, Tablets, iPhones and other smartphones

QR CodeOver the years businesses learn to adapt to changes as they happen. Doesn't it make sense that your website should do the same? With the emergence of smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets; now is the time to get a smart website that automatically adapts to best fit whatever screen size or orientation it's viewed on. Time to get a Responsive website!

In the past companies had to have a different website built and optimised for each of these new gadgets every time once came to the marketplace. Hugely expensive to commission and then even more so to maintain. Now ADS Creative can build just a single website, with a content management system if you wish, and it will automatically resize to whatever you view it on. And it will even display different content for different devices if you wish (trust us, if your customer is using an iPhone then you want your message to be short and succinct).

Want a demonstration? just view this website on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet and see how it adapts to best suit each platform. Or, scan in this QR Code to save time (if you don't know how QR codes work, them contact us now to see something really clever).

OK, we can tell you're already looking at the site using a smartphone so no need to scan in the QR Code...

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